Haikyuu!! 3DS game “Tsunage! Itadaki no Keshiki!!” Limited Edition “Court no Ue no Yuusha Box” contents introduction.


Zankyou no Terror - Sphinx’s Challenge

Ishikawa Kaito’s and Saito Soma’s mini introduction!

Ishikawa Kaito: Kay, kay, kay. Glasses. Glasses. Right? Nine’s that type of guy that wears glasses. Alright. Anyways continuing on, it has started! Sphinx’s challenge! Sphinx member 1, Ishikawa Kaito here. Yay!

Saito Soma: Member 2, Saito Soma here! Moving on, for the people who have watched Zankyou no Terror and is hopefully watching this video, what did you think of episode one? It was intriguing right! 

Ishikawa Kaito: Of course! How could it not be intriguing!

Saito Soma: How could it not! 


Zankyou no Terror - Sphinx’s Challenge

Here is an ongoing challenge brought to you by Sphinx from the Zankyou no Terror anime! Will you be able to answer they’re question! 

Ishikawa Kaito & Saito Soma: We are Sphinx! 

Ishikawa Kaito: Here is our info challenge towards you.

Brainy people with IQ’s over 148 gather (Japan Mensa)

Saito Soma: A group geniuses came up with this difficult quiz, do you think you can answer it?

Will (they) be able to answer the quiz they devised!?

Ishikawa Kaito: This is the problem.

Saito Soma: Whoo~

Credits to @eternallyskyed for helping me with Kanji reading ^__^


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito wants to close the event by saying this catch phrase that he just thought up, since he thought it would be very cool! But it looks like…it didn’t turn out that way.

Ishikawa Kaito: It’s absolutely cool, so I’ll stand in the center.

(Ishikawa Kaito giggles a bit)

Ishikawa Kaito: Here we go! Let there be terror! 

(Audience laughs)

Ishikawa Kaito: Well that hurts, yo! 

(The audience laughing at Ishikawa’s line)

Ishikawa Kaito: Run away! 


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito tells us about how he finally made some friends after all those past school years, where he didn’t make any.

Ishikawa Kaito: In middle school I didn’t really have any friends, as well in high school and in university I didn’t get a chance.

Saito Soma: Hey! Hey! Hey!

(Ishikawa Kaito laughing)

Ishikawa Kaito: But as of now…

Sakuya Shunsuke: There’s a lot now.

Ishikawa Kaito: Yes, there’s a lot in this industry. 

Announcer: Hey! Hey! Shouldn’t you feel sorry for Saito-kun right now?

Ishikawa Kaito: He even backed me up, I’m sorry.

Saito Soma: Geez! No way!

Ishikawa Kaito: Umm…

(Saito Soma taps on Ishikawa Kaito’s head)


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Saito Soma talks about how Ishikawa Kaito wanted to eat his natto (fermented soybeans) from his treat at the Zankyou no Terror themed Noitamina’s cafe.

Saito Soma: He really likes it a lot. So I gave him mines.

Announcer: The natto?

Saito Soma: Nn.

Ishikawa Kaito: I told him. “Give me the natto! Give me!”. And i got it, yes.

Announcer: “Give me the natto!”

Ishikawa Kaito: Thank you.

Saito Soma: It’s alright.


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Saito Soma’s character and self introduction.

Saito Soma: Zankyou no Terror, Twelve. Voicing as as Hisami Touji. Saito Soma, here. Nice to meet you!

Ishikawa Kaito: Jumbo. Jumbo. (signals Saito to say Jumbo)

Saito Soma: Jumbo!

(Ishikawa Kaito encourages the audience to clap louder, for Saito Soma)


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito wearing glasses to the event and after his introduction, the announcer (Yoshida Naoki) makes a comment about how he has this self-satisfying look which reminds himself of Fukuyama Jun.

Announcer: Is that so. That’s why you’re wearing glasses.

Ishikawa Kaito: Indeed that is. Usually I don’t really wear them (glasses).

Announcer: What’s with this self-satisfying look?

Ishikawa Kaito: It’s a default look.

Announcer: A default?

Ishikawa Kaito: A default self-satisfied expression,

Announcer: So that’s a default self-satisfied expression.

Ishikawa Kaito: Yeah, ahh wait I’m sorry I screwed up.

Announcer: A default self-satisfied look. I was wondering on who you would look similar too. In respects, excuse me towards you seiyuu’s but in that moment all I could think up of was Fukuyama Jun.

Ishikawa Kaito: Ahh, Fukuyama-san. It’s an honor! Hahaha! 

Sakuya Shunsuke: Is it really an honor? Is it really?

Ishikawa Kaito: It is a real honor! He’s a major senpai, I really appreciate.


Zankyou no Terror Talk Event

Ishikawa Kaito’s character and self introduction.

Ishikawa Kaito: Zankyou no Terror, Nine. Voicing as Kokonoe Arata. Ishikawa Kaito, here. Please take good care of me, today.



5はん (Gohan*)